[ strange times in gravetown ]

I've decided that i simply cannot be arsed to recount in excruciating and chronographic detail all the happenings that i was aware of in a town called New Orleans. Therefore, in a bit of megalomania, i will simply repost what i posted to alt.gothic immediately after said event.

From: Sola 
Subject: [C5] people- freeze-frame [longish. part 1]
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 02:21:49 -0400
Organization: sing a song of severance

When i get a jack, the first thing i'm going to do is get one of my eyes replaced with its recording counterpart, and keep it on all the time. Then i could upload these to you.

- Mari appearing suddenly over me in the plane, all the welcome and excitement in the world in her eyes.

- kv standing under a streetlamp, the subtle blues and greys in her hair on fire, like a bird's wing held a certain way.

- fx. sitting on the bed, her arms open in forgiveness for my accidentally leaving her standing around at the Bienville, ease in her face.

- Lixx and Zoe on the other side of the room, Elixxir with her back to me and Zoe lacing her corset, as tender as two sisters or years-long lovers.

- Jealousy standing under the blacklight at the Crystal, looking slightly distracted, his eyes catching the light in most curious ways and making him look like all the animals he's known.

- Casper in the same light, sitting and looking at the ceiling, letting me thumb away the smudges of his eyeliner, submitting to this casual intimacy as easily as if i were an ex or a sibling, and not a virtual stranger.

- Looking up at benton through his hat and veils, an exausted-but-cheerful smile him, with the sun streaming through the weave of the cloth.

- Boo walking out of the bathroom with a sheepish grin on his face, *knowing* he was about to get ribbed within an inch of his life, and loving us anyway.

- TSM rising from his chair at Flannagan's and walking over to me to show me how to hold a pool cue, huge hands slightly spread and a cigarette clamped between his lips, capable and dignified, protective and amused all at the same time.

- Siobhan sitting in a chair, all simple black mask and blonde fringe and it still couldn't keep her from shining through, still couldn't hide her.

- Ron rambling ahead of us on the street as we were walking to find a strip club, eager and open and happy. Circumstances be damned: i'd never seen him so childlike.

- ~twilight~ illuminated by a camera flash: beauty so sudden that when we were done talking i found i'd bitten my cheek to blood.

- Yosa on the upstairs dancefloor at the Crystal, skirt flared, smile wide, freedom riding on her hips.

- Twilight sitting at the diner outside the Biscuit Palace, makeup off, sweetness and unalloyed concern laid over her.

- Axel propping up a wall at the House of Blue, looking pleasantly, socialist tipsy, with a hand half-out to catch me by the shoulders.

- Not a sight, but a feeling: Christabel's fingers squeezing mine, slipping away. That brief touch was miles more important than any other second spent in her company.

- Fross bending down and down and down to speak to us, like he would never reach us, coming closer forever.

- Rat Bastard, that last morning, with the covers just thrown off his head, squinting at us just-awakened and trusting us (two strangers) anyway.

- Baskingstroke, with her sweet shy smile, everywhere, all the time.

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