The Cast

Stacy Ann Strang

Brendan Potter

Megan Mathieu

Daniel Galloway

Julian Brand

Sue Stevens

Shawn French

The Neighbor
Jason “The Hammer” LeHoullier

The Crew

Writer, Director, Executive Producer
Shawn French

Executive Producer
Olin Smith

Sue Stevens

Stunt Choreographer and co-editor
Shawn French

Assistant director
Eric Sillanpaa

Key Makeup Artist
Kristina Ellery

Key FX Artist
Eric Anderson

Matt Perez

Original score by
Timothy Butcher

Logo/Poster design by
Jason McElreath

Featuring music from
The Motengata Band, Damien Zygote and Stream Reggae

Web design & packaging, & Wisdumb Logo
Max M. Leon II

Cast Bios

Brendan Potter: Born and raised in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, Brendan has been infatuated and delighted by film since he was 7 years old. He attended Franklin Pierce University where he earned his degree in Media Production in 2006. After working as a Set Production Assistant on the films “Chatham,” “American Primitive” and “Phoebe in Wonderland” in 2007, Brendan finally realized at age 23 that his true passion was acting. Brendan has worked as an extra in the films “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” and “This Side of the Truth.” He has appeared in several other films, including “Ditch,” “A Tiger in the Dark,” “The Evangelist” and the upcoming “Revenge.”

Stacy Strang: Stacy Ann Strang is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre focusing in performance. This is Stacy Ann's third feature film, appearing in previous Emptyhouse/Motion Media films "I'm Sorry" and "Mud."

Two weeks after filming "The Wrong House", Stacy Ann moved to NYC to further her acting career and has been performing in theatre, television and web series ever since.

Stacy Ann enjoyed the process of working on "The Wrong House." She loves and appreciates the active film community of her home state of Maine.

Julian Brand: Born in San Francisco, moving to Cincinnati and then finally to Maine, Julian Brand has been acting as long as he can remember. The "Wrong House" will be Julian's fourth feature film. His film credits include "Tell the Tale of Googley Knox," "Wrecked," and "Heaven's Hollow." Julian is a senior at Falmouth High School and is juggling schoolwork with the pursuit of a professional acting career. After graduation, he intends to go to college in a major market to continue acting. He is also an avid juggler and Frisbee player.

Daniel Galloway: Daniel Galloway was born in Boston, Mass, but was raised and spent a majority of his life in Kennebunkport, ME. He began his acting career in grade school, starring in many talent shows, emceeing events, and he played the role of Fat Sam in “Bugsy Malone” at age 11. His acting continued through high school in several roles: including Judge Hawthorne in "The Crucible," and a one-man show of "Titanic.” Daniel also co-directed a number of high-school plays. Daniel is an established musician, having released half a dozen albums independently, in a wide range of genres. He is an artist, specializing in pastels, as well as charcoals and pencil, and a writer with original insight for horror and comedy.

Megan Mathieu: Megan is currently a full-time student at the University of Maine, majoring in broadcast journalism. Growing up in a musical background, Megan was thrilled to dabble in the film world, not only as an actress but also with behind-the-scenes filming. She is looking forward to what the future holds, whether in broadcast or film, and eagerly anticipates “The Wrong House” gaining serious attention in the state of Maine.

Jason LeHoullier: Jason “The Hammer” LeHoullier is a professional middleweight boxing contender with a stellar 21-2-1 record. He trains at the Portland Boxing Club in Portland, Maine, and has fought numerous times on the ESPN networks.

Shawn French: Writer/director/exec producer Shawn French is a former stand-up comic and newspaper film critic (for the Windham Independent in Maine and Hamden Daily News in Connecticut) who has dabbled in boxing, martial arts and stuntwork. He has appeared in the feature films "The Miskatonic Acid Test," "2" and "Monster in the Woods" as well as on Comedy Central back in his stand-up days. "The Wrong House" is the first film under his new banner, Wisdumb Productions.

Sue Stevens: Producer Sue Stevens, of Wisdumb Productions, helped develop the karma-themed serial killers Susan and Steve years before “The Wrong House” came into being. She actively contributed to every facet of this, her first feature film.