The Wrong House

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The Wrong House on DVD

An isolated house in the woods looks like an easy mark to a group of friends camping in the Maine wilderness. The thieves haul several ounces of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms in the heist. When the homeowners track them down, the thieves learn too late that there are some people you just shouldn't mess with... and that they picked THE WRONG HOUSE.

This self-financed HD slasher is an ambitious debut for writer/director Shawn French of Wisdumb Productions and features breakout performances by Stacy Ann Strang ("I'm Sorry," "Mud") as a reluctant thief and Sue Stevens as the soccer mom from Hell.

Artist Eric Anderson of The Shoggoth Assembly and Kristina Ellery ("2") handled the intricate horror FX in this cautionary tale.

You WILL believe in Karma.

Stacy Ann Strang, Brendan Potter, Sue Stevens, Daniel Galloway, Megan Mathieu, Julian Brand, Shawn French

Title #275179
Format: DVD-R