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mis·cel·la·ne·a pl.n.
Miscellaneous items or written works collected together.
[Latin misceallnea, from neuter pl. of misceallneus, miscellaneous; see miscellaneous.]

Things that don't have a place yet, or maybe never will. I'm still brainstorming. (one would think lack of content would make it easy.)

a picture of Elieen at C5 in the holographic glitter corset. This will eventually go in my c5 photos.

a quite nice picture of Dark Juliet at selfsame event, which will receive selfsame treatment.

a place called Flannagan's in new orleans, with some people in it. Wish i'd gotten a picture of the outside.

another photo of that fucking cat which i'm always on about, aged three months or so. Hey, if you lived with something whose main occupation was attemping to eat you, you'd be a little preoccupied, too

an award: Morrigan's Dark Haven Award which will get put in its proper place at some point. meanwhile, the image is here.

a decent picture of me. I'm white as a sheet and have no nose. That's okay.

a couple of fabric samples, which, due to the vasty differences in monitors, may or may not be visible to you. They're pretty, though.

Have you ever heard of the Ginger Boys? No? Thought not. But here's a scan of the cover of the tape that was circulating in NYC late last year. Front, and liner notes. (handwritten- so cute.) I'm no music maven, so i can't really describe the tape.. electro-world? India-gothic? Bleh. I'll sample it if i ever get a decent kit.

Here's a scan of the riding jacket pattern i'm planning to make for my fall winter coat. I'm making the view with the bustle and lapels, in black wool with probably the bustle in black satin.

and that's it for the moment.

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