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First things first.

If you are offended by anything you should see on this website: if they are against the laws of your city, state, country, goverment, community, or parents, written or unwritten, the responsibility rests entirely on you. You typed in the URL, you got a result. So quit your whining, suck it up, and go to HotBot and find a different site if this one isn't to your taste.

Secondly: this website is designed for screen resolutions of 800x600 and better. If your resolution is not set to this, this place will look bloody awful. Just so you know.

(of course, if you are using something 133T like iCab or lynx, you probably don't give a toss.)

And one last thing: i know the place isn't very pretty. As it happens, neither am i. But it -is- functional, and it will one day be useful. Got a critique or suggestion? Great, glad to hear it. Want a forward? Probably oblige you. But if all you have to say is "this place sucks!" kindly stick your thumbs up your ass and keep them there until you forget how to type.

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created: 4:35 PM Friday, June 18, 1999
last updated: 4:35 PM Friday, June 18, 1999